Wagger of the Week

Each week Tim Tyler welcomes a dog from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona into his studio to talk about the dog and what the Humane Society has going on. We here at KHIT-107.5 like to call this our Wagger of the Week.

Jadu is our Wagger of the Week of September 13th, 2019

Jadu (877475)

Hi friends! I’m Jadu, a friendly 1-year-old girl who is looking for her forever family!

I’m very playful and would love to meet any dogs that are a part of your family 

Meet Jadu at HSSA main Campus at 635 W. Roger Rd.

For more information give an adoptions counselor a call at 520-327-6088, ext. 173.

More info here

Kids Programs

  • Do your kids love animals?
  • HSSA has a variety of kids programs that have been created for kids who love animals and want to create a better future for animals.
  • HSSA programs promote kindness, compassion and empathy for all animals and living beings.
  • Kids will learn about proper animal care, safe handling, respect for wild animals as well as pets.
  • We use a variety of activities that stress an appreciation for our environment and preservation of our natural world: classroom activities, creative and artistic exercises, hands-on animal care, great games, and character-building lessons.
  • There are a variety of programs they can register for now, including:
    • Paws and Pages
      • Your child will build reading skills while providing comfort to shelter pets at HSSA’s Paws and Pages Literacy Program.
      • It has been observed by the APSCA that being read to helps fearful or shy dogs become more comfortable with people because there is no forced interaction.
      • Here at HSSA, we will read to shy dogs and cats as well as sick dogs who are long-term residents with limited human interaction.
      • As exemplified by shelter literacy programs across the country, this reading program will encourage our shelter dogs to approach the front of their kennels for potential adopters and thus improve their chances of a short stay with us at HSSA.
    • Hand in Paw (HIP) Kids Club
      • Kids events run during the school year and are held monthly.
      • The topics and activities change but include, movie and a cuddle, paint nights, and other learning opportunities.
      • Families can sign up for any event that sparks interest in their child
    • Camp (fall, winter, and summer)
      • Camp will give your child a new perspective on caring for animals, preventing animal cruelty, understanding animal behavior, and more.
      • Campers spend a minimum of 2 hours daily caring for different camp foster animals. These animals may include ball pythons, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs.
      • Camp provides children with an in-depth, hands-on education about animal care and the human-animal bond.

Humane Society of Southern Arizona

635 W Roger Rd

Tucson, AZ 85705 520.327.6088


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