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I’ve been lucky enough to work as a radio DJ in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Tucson and Ventura. In my spare time, I can be found hanging out at home improvement stores, going to the movies, walking my dogs and taking pictures. Follow me on Twitter: @DakotaFM1 

Fun Facts: 

Hometown: Van Nuys, CA 

How She Got into Radio: I had a speech teacher in high school who was obsessed with my voice. He thought I sounded like the actress, Holly Hunter. Since Raising Arizona was one of my favorite movies growing up, I thought it was an awesome comparison. I was always obsessed with music, although in those days it was Depeche Mode, The Cure and Nine Inch Nails. But his obsession got me thinking that maybe I could use my voice as a career one day. So, I took some radio classes at Moorpark College and got an internship at Y-107 in Los Angeles. The rest is history as they say. 

Favorite Classic Hits Artists: Blondie, Prince, The Police and Heart 

Favorite Sports Teams: I’m not a big sports fan, but I always find myself rooting for the Dodgers when it’s baseball season and the Arizona Cardinals when it’s football season. 

Favorite Food: Sushi, Italian and Mexican 

Pets: An adopted Chihuahua named Emily, a miniature Poodle named Lucy & a Basenji named Hawkeye. Together they are quite the pack! 

Andy Taylor

KHIT 107.5 Afternoon DJ Andy Taylor entered this world from across the pond in Jolly Old England and decided to tag along with his parents, he was 2 – he had no choice, when they moved to America.

His beginnings in radio could be said to actually have begun in his room at the young age of 10. While his parents didn’t purchase a transmitter for him, they made sure Andy had a tape recorder and a AM/FM radio. With that radio, Andy would sit in his room late at night and make tapes and listen to far away AM Radio Stations.

After having almost 50 jobs trying to find his place in society, life brought him back to that tape recorder and radio with a job in the business.

After almost 10 years in Palm Springs with the Barry and Andy Morning Show, the team moved to Tucson and made home with Andy eventually finding his way to KHIT 107.5 where now he gets to sleep in and hang out in the afternoon with listeners enjoying the Classic Hits. Andy enjoys photography, video production, great food and riding motorcycles.


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