Wagger of the Week

Each week, Dakota & Andy welcome an adoptable animal from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. They’ll talk about the animal and what the Humane Society has going on Friday morning. We here at KHIT-107.5 like to call this our

Wagger of the Week.

Meet Daisy

She’s a lovely German Shepherd

Daisy is 2 years old

 Lived well with dogs in her last home, more reserved in the shelter environment

Bring in your resident doggos for a meet

She’s very playful

and she LOVES toys

She’d do well in an active home, but also a home that has downtime for snuggles too!

Your body language matters

We have an awesome team of behaviorists who work at HSSA

They do enrichment and behavioral training with our shelter pups, and they are a wealth of knowledge

To appear neutral to dogs, you can turn your body to the side

Then, let them approach you!

Leaning over them and staring can be intimidating, but by having neutral body language you’re much more inviting!

Read more about Daisy here!


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